The Gatekeeper’s Oath is the second book in the trilogy of
Spellcaster Gamebooks. The journey continues in the quest to
save the Elder Othirom, King of Suidemor. Languishing behind
the towering walls of his castle, the King has been cast under the
Forgotten Spell. The gates to the castle have been locked for
thirteen years and the gatekeepers have long since left their posts
and gone into hiding.

You must attempt what no other fey has been able to do - you
must find one of these gatekeepers and learn the password to
open the gates. Your task is dangerous indeed, for though you
have once escaped Olcrada’s pursuit, you can be sure that he
will now double his efforts to capture you. You will have to
train yourself quickly as an adept of Elder Magic if you have any
hope of avoiding his ruthless servants, the Elementals, which
will pursue you to your death.

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