Louisa Dent Pearce enjoys visiting schools, clubs and organisations to talk about her books and
other aspects of the writer’s life. Her interactive programme includes the viewing of a short film
about the creation of the gamebooks, an interactive reading from The Forgotten Spell, and a puzzle
challenge for students.

To request an author visit, please email her.

Below are some of the comments made by those who have participated:

“I really like your book because it’s not like every other “choose your own adventure” book. You cast spells instead of going places. I also liked the puzzle that you handed out. Mark made a really good DVD of the Forgotten Spell.  It is one of the best books I’ve seen.”
Matthew - Year 4

“What I like about your book is the bit where “I escape from prison”. I can’t wait till you make a new book! I hope it is as good as this one. I bought this book because it sounded good when you read it. I like how you designed it.”
Lauren, Ash and Lauren Pearson - Year 4

“I thought your book was excellent. I thought I was really in it. It was kind of spooky. And I am already half-way through the book. I couldn’t decide whom to sit next to - the goblin or the dwarf or the drunken fairy. So I asked for help on that one. I thought I should have sat next to the fairy. But then my sister said no, he would do something to you. Then I saw someone in the background. So then I thought the dwarf. Then I went that way. And it turned out good. But my sister died in the book. She got choked to death on the tram. It wasn’t very good. But she started where I was because she didn’t want to start from the start. It was a really good book!”
Liam - Year 4

“I loved the talk of the Forgotten Spell, you really got to know a lot about choose your own adventure books and this one seemed like a special one. You really held our interest throughout by first of all showing us a video about the book, then reading a section of the book and finally a competition. I wish I had been the lucky one to win the book! I hope you sell a lot of copies of your book.”
Sarah - Year 6

“I really loved your book and I died 3 times and the magic trick to get back in the story worked every time. Thank you for coming to our school.”
From a year 4 student

“After Louisa’s presentation and the video the books became hot property. They all love the idea of casting spells and choosing their own path. The kids were extremely excited as 84 out of 110 students ordered the book. They were also disappointed that they couldn’t purchase the book this year due to an obvious high demand as the books were sold out. I’m sure they’ll track it down in the new year. When I walked into the classroom with the one copy Louisa donated to the school, the kids went crazy!”
Belinda Crebbin
Grade 5 Teacher

“The presentation kept the children enthralled and included enticing vignettes and puzzles. The number of books bought and orders taken was proof of how excellent Louisa Dent's presentation was. I took the library copy home that very night and read it with pleasure. We certainly recommend it as a good read!”
Val Hempenstall

"Thank you Louisa for a wonderful presentation of your book. Our year 3-6 students were really involved in solving the puzzles, choosing the story paths and spells, and I felt they asked worthwhile questions because they found the whole session so interesting. They are now very keen to read “The Forgotten Spell”.
Mary Lou Poulson