Step inside a world of real magic where YOU decide what
happens... In the Spellcaster Gamebooks, YOU can choose
where you want to go and who you want to trust. Collect
valuables, follow the clues, solve puzzles and cast magic spells
to aid you on your journey through the Suidemor, the evil city of
the fey.
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The first book, The Forgotten Spell, was published in print copy by Wizard Books in
2006. Since then, technology has caught up at last to the gamebook genre, and now the
entire series is being published as a gamebook app. For lovers of real books, there has
also been a relaunch of the first book in print with a brand new series of colour

The gamebook apps of the first and second books of the trilogy, The Forgotten Spell and
The Gatekeeper's Oath is now available for iPhone, iPads and Android devices. Please
download from the app stores, or visit for more info.