Louisa is away-with-the-faeries in a writer-kind-of-a-way,
and like her books, her life is scrambled up. She was born in
South Africa and lived in New Zealand and England before
moving to Australia. The reason it is always cold in
Suidemor, City of the Faeries, is because she wrote her first
book during a winter in Melbourne, that Australian city which
"...lies on the southern shores of a vast southern continent,
the last outpost of all the civilised kingdoms of the Elder

Her second book, The Gatekeeper's Oath, she wrote during a
six month stay in Far North Queensland, Australia, where it
was very hot and she had to share her office with geckoes,
frogs and mosquitos. Sometimes she found herself writing
scenes in the book where the weather was warm and the 
windows were open... of course, this had to be quickly

She is now living in Melbourne again, where she is finishing
the third instalment of the Spellcaster Gamebooks and
another series of gamebooks called Dangerous Decisions.
She is assisted by two cats who sit on her desk and shed fur
all over the keyboard.  

Not a portrait... she's prettier than this.